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Kingmax GT801H Skiver sewing machine Brand New.  Head, table, stand, thread stand and servo motor speed adjustable.

GT801      Leather Skiving Machine
GT801H   Heavy Duty Leather Skiving Machine

The machine with the gear driven top&bottom roller feed system; Built-in automatic knife sharpening and adjustable speed control; Equipped with knife protecting cover to prevent the operator from injury. Maximum width of skiving is50mm; repeated passes with the machine can achieve the required width. Suitable for skiving the edge of folding seam, as well as thinness-chopping of PU spares and all kinds of leather products,rubber such as saddle and harness, strap, leather coat, luggage, and leather gloves.


  • Widely used for edge skiving and whole skiving of leather, artificial leather, vinyl and similar materials.
  • Used in conjunction with such products as shoe uppers, leather bags, belts, watch straps, wallets, leather upholstery buttons, etc.
  • Also suitable for bevel skiving with use of special presser foot – available on special order. Fortuna-type knife, shoe and plate.
  • Skiving width up to 2″.
  • Separate clutch for engaging the knife and sharpener prolongs the life of knife and sharpening stone.
  • Removes the backing off of leather.
  • This skiving machines comes fully assembled with a table, stand and 110 Volts SERVO motor




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